Wedding Registry


Wedding Registry

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We can’t wait to celebrate this amazing day with our closest friends and family.
Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you do wish to buy us something, please read below:

To save you looking, shopping or buying,
here are ideas, we hope you like trying.
If you like photos or albums, please fill out below. 
Or, for renos or travel, we also accept dough.

Celebrate the wedding of ((BRIDE NAME and GROOM NAME)) by gifting them the memories of their wedding day!

Your gift can be applied toward services such as wedding coverage, albums, prints and wall art.
Gifts will be collected and applied to the couple’s account.

Please enquire for pricing if you wish to gift a specific item like a canvas wall print or wall display. You will be contacted by the studio to finalize payment. Payment can be made by EMT (email money transfer) or credit card (service fees apply). Cash and cheques are no longer accepted.

Feel free to call the studio anytime 519-275-1416 for assistance.